Souraya Chalhoub

Souraya Chalhoub is a Parisian Lebanese designer. Her designs are created to highlight the feminine form. Her tutors from the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode provided a refined technical foundation to conceptualize classic pieces with an alluring sensibility.

As a co-founder of the Aurora Institute–a foundation that dedicates itself to bringing together those at the forefront of technology, science, art, fashion and philanthropy to find innovative and hands- on solutions for those struggling with mental health–Souraya’s mission is to enhance what women already have and feel confident in their own skin.

Sourcing her materials from the finest suppliers across Europe, Souraya’s designs are detailed by hand. Wardrobe staples are reimagined with an unconventional touch–ready-to-wear meets couture.

Aligned with her mission, Souraya uses stretch materials to contour the female form. Together with the transparency of the tulle, graphic shapes highlight the sensual curves of the female body to give a tattoo-like effect where the garment and the woman become one.

In addition to the comfort of the material, it is important for women to feel safe and secure. A meticulously researched nipple cover made of tulle layering technique facilitates comfortable movement, while not overexposing the body.

Since 2017, SOURAYA has been based in Chelsea, London.

Commitment to Sustainability and Inclusivity

SOURAYA considers sustainable and ethical practice from design and development to production. 

By utilizing the same materials each season, SOURAYA reduces waste in the production process, while providing consistent quality to our customers. Furthermore, we make what we need. 

Our prices together with our order quantities ensure that our atelier’s specialized work is fairly compensated and responsibly managed. 


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